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Welcome to my Rabbitry!

​At Beanie's Bunnies, I strive to raise the healthiest, friendliest rabbits and improve the Miniature Rex & Flemish Giant bloodlines. 

          I am a rabbit breeder located in Maryland, specializing in Miniature Rexes and as of 2020, Flemish Giants too. My goal is to improve a rabbit's physical and temperamental bloodlines to the best of my ability, and I strive to raise healthy, well behaved show & pet quality bunnies. I breed mostly for hobby because it is my greatest passion and there is nothing more adorable than a two week old baby rabbit kit! I have had a lifelong interest in genetics and life sciences of many kinds, so it is fascinating for me to see the multitude of outcomes a litter can produce. I believe all rabbits have their own personalities and I consider all of them family. The times that I spend handling them is a huge joy that I love sharing with my customers when they bring home a rabbit of their own. I hope you enjoy looking around my website and if you are interested in getting a rabbit, perhaps I could be the breeder for you.


        If you are not interested in purchasing a rabbit, I would still be happy to answer any questions you may have about my rabbitry, Flemish Giants, Mini Rexes, or rabbits in general, especially if it is something you are considering for your future!


        To contact me, please email me at I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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