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Buying Process


If you are interested in buying a rabbit, learning more about upcoming litters, or asking any questions, please email me at You can email me and let me know what kind of bunny you're looking for, and be sure to include your first name. If you can't decide what kind of rabbit you're looking for, feel free to ask me any questions. Please do not hesitate to voice any of your concerns or questions you may have!


Once you have chosen a rabbit, I will keep you posted on them as they grow or discuss when they are available. Payment is taken by cash, Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% their price is due for me to hold any rabbits for you. You can pay this through Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo once we have discussed which rabbit(s) you would like, and pay the rest when you pick up the rabbit(s). I do not take deposits on expected litters - only babies that have been born and I am certain that I have available, or rabbits that are otherwise being held for longer than 7 days.


If you can no longer purchase the rabbit and your deposit has already been placed, it will not be refunded. If something happens to your rabbit on my part and I can no longer sell them, I will refund you or give you another rabbit, your choice of course. Once your deposit is paid it will not be refunded unless the rabbit can no longer be sold because they are sick, injured, or otherwise unavailable to rehome due to my own fault.


If I attempt to contact you numerous times and you do not reply within two weeks, the rabbit will be sold to someone else and your deposit will be voided. I will make multiple attempts to contact you and warn you of the possibility of your bunnies going home somewhere else. Again, in this instance, the deposit will be void.


I will NOT sell you a sick or injured rabbit without informing you first! My goal is to be absolutely honest and open with everyone I am selling my bunnies to. If the rabbit becomes sick or injured prior to the sale, I will be sure to inform you beforehand and, if necessary, show you at the time of sale. Once the rabbit is in your care, I am not responsible for their health or vet bills, it is your responsibility to provide them with the care necessary. If a pre-existing condition is discovered by a vet within 1 month of purchase, I will refund 50% of the purchase price of the rabbit ONLY, and the vet papers must be shown. 


***Please keep in mind that I do not meet potential owners at my house for safety reasons. Generally, I will provide the address to a public place nearby when it is time to pick up the rabbit. I also will sometimes be available to meet at rabbit shows that I am attending, if the location is more convenient for you.


If for any reason you no longer want your rabbit after you have brought them home, I am always 100% open to take them back, free of judgement or question, as long as I have the space available in my rabbitry. I would much rather they be returned to me than left in a shelter. If you would like to do this please do contact me - again, this is something I am always open to without any judgement whatsoever.

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