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M & M's Minis Avalanche

Avalanche is a Blue Mini Rex with very nice depth and fur. Her weight usually averages higher than I would like, so I will be trying to breed her with smaller males. Her personality is generally reserved, but when she is trusting she is a very laid back doe. She has a very nice length to her coat, but I would like to see less length in her shoulder and more density to her coat!

Cedar Run Spiral

Spiral's color is fantastic! Her black is very rich, even, and deep. Her body style is quite full to the table and she has a wonderful skirt. She lacks a bit of muscle in the loin. Spiral is a very sweet and gentle mother and pet. Se enjoys attention and has a very playful side when allowed to explore.

Johnny's Maryland Mistress

This broken black doe comes from Johnny Haussener's esteemed Mini Rex lines. She has given me several amazing kits who have grown up to be registered grand champions and wonderful additions to my breeding program. Missy carries a very nice coat density, length, texture, and a very wide body and shoulder. One notable flaw would be that her body style is overall a bit long, and could use more depth.


Tahiti is a sweet, loving girl. She has a lot of personality and has excelled in raising large, healthy litters - consistently 8 kits every time! Her fur texture is wonderful, however a bit thin and long. Her shoulder comes to a very nice quick rise! Unfortunately this also causes her to peak early. Tahiti has been an absolute pleasure to have in my rabbitry, and will be looking for a new home in fall/summer of 2018.

Beanie's Bunnies' River

***ARBA Registered Grand Champion***

Despite the fact that I should not pick favorites, River is definitely one of them! She is the first rabbit that I ever showed, taking 2nd reserve in show her very first time. River has an outstanding width of shoulder and body, with a wonderful density and texture to her coat. She is a natural poser and carries phenomenal depth of body. Her head and ear are stocky, perfect for the breed standard. River's biggest flaws are perhaps her early peak, or the pinching of her hindquarters. She is a delight, and craves any kind of attention or handling any time. She likes being held like a baby and cradled while relaxing on the couch. River is the daughter of Mistress and Moon.

Beanie's Bunnies' Pandora Box

***ARBA Registered Grand Champion***

Another one of my favorites, Pandora is, well, a pandora's box of traits to any competitor! A younger sister of River, Pandora is very similar in overall build and personality. She has a bit more of a sassier side to her than River, and will only allow handling when SHE wants it! But when she does, she is a cuddlebug, and loves lying in anyone's lap. Pandora has a great build; she is wide, short, and deep. Her coat is a bit more dense than River's. Her head is a bit pointed, but I personally love the feminine look it carries. Her ears are nice and short and thick.

Beanie's Bunnies' Sparrow

Sparrow is the daughter of Spiral. Keeping her was truly all emotional - she did not carry any outstanding qualities, but I was overly attached to her because of her gorgeous color and the experiences that we had when she was a kit. Sparrow was born on a very cold day, and Spiral had not been nursing the litter. We took this into our own hands and fed the litter with a dropper each morning, afternoon, and night. Despite looking quite emaciated at one point, Sparrow regained her strength and Spiral began feeding the litter again. Hooray! She has proven herself to be quite successful on the table as well. A young junior, she still has much time to mature, but at only 12 weeks old she already has one Best Opposite Sex of Breed leg. I am excited to see how she shows with age!

Chubby Bunnies' Apple

I swear I do not make impulsive buys!...Well, not in this case. At the spring 2018 Apple Country show (hence her name!), I saw this little one for sale and could absolutely not resist. I must admit...I did not think about the decision. Her color is Opal, which does not mix well with hardly any of my others except perhaps blue. Despite such a snap decision, I do not regret bringing Apple home. She has a personality like no other, and I mean that...rudely. Apple has left me with bite scars on my hand! Ever since she came home with me she has been very territorial. But like any animal, I understand that this should be treated with kindness with the hope that one day she will calm down. Until then, I will admire her incredibly short, dense, and soft fur. Her body is very full and muscular overall. My only critique for her is that she could be deeper. And, well, her personality!

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