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Current and Planned Litters - Last Updated 4/23/2023

          In order to find out more information on what litters I currently have, please email me. Each litter has a price listed, cash only. A non-refundable deposit  through Paypal is due for me to hold a rabbit for you once we have discussed which one(s) you would like. If you would like a rabbit from a future litter, please contact me so that we can discuss any that are expected to be born soon. You can contact me at Thank you!

         All litters that are not born yet are tentative. I can not guarantee if they will be born, how many will be born, or how many will make it. If the doe does not have her kits, I generally re-breed within the next few weeks, so check back soon!

Holland Lops - $150 each - ready to go May 15, 2023

- 5 kits still available

- Two tort, one solid black, one broken black, one blue

- Ready for deposits

     All of my rabbits are handled and taken care of from the day they are born. When they are born, the litter is counted and I check for any possible health issues. Around 3-4 weeks old, I check the sex of the rabbits and take deposits for them. At 5 weeks, I separate them from their mom and put them in another cage. They are eating solids at this point. Once they reach 7-8 weeks old, they begin going to their new homes.


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