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Bower Bunny Barn's Moon

Moon is solid blue, with a great head and ear. He has a longer body type, so a shorter and deeper female would suit him well. He is nice and small, full in the loin, and peaks at the correct spot. Moon is an outgoing, cheerful, and very affectionate boy. I would like to see more density in his coat and fullness to the table.

Beanie's Bunnies' Poseidon

***ARBA Registered Grand Champion***

Poseidon is one of my pride and joy! His sire is Moon and his mother is Tahiti. Solid blue, very full in the loin, and with fantastic texture. Poseidon has won multiple Best of Breed legs, including one in a class of 63. His personality is unbeatable, and he is very attached to me (as I am him!). If anything, I would like to see a denser, shorter coat on him and a wider shoulder.

Outback's Bull

Bull is the newest buck to my rabbitry. I wanted to introduce a new bloodline from a very solid buck, to breed with some of the does from my own bloodlines - and boy did I get what I wanted! Bull is a very solid, stocky, dense boy. His head and ear are wonderful, his coat is very short, straight, and dense. He is very short and compact, just like the breed calls for. If anything, I wish that he would round down more smoothly over his hip and peak a bit further back. He is a very sweet and docile boy, loves attention, and has made a great addition. I am excited to see how he produces!

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