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Neisha S.

"I wanted to give you an update on the bunny we bought from you 1 year ago. He is the sweetest and softest bunny ever! He is very healthy too. We love him to pieces and cannot thank you enough. Thanks for your loving care for the breed.

PS, Gracelyn (owner) named him Roy."

Jennifer E.

"Can I just tell you how amazing this little guy is? He's potty trained himself. He comes out  into family room, runs around and then when he needs to go, runs back to his litter box! He's just amazing. Nosy. Fearless. Sweet. We just love him to bits."


"...very articulate, an excellent communicator, responded in a timely manner and conducted professionally...I think everything went perfect!"

Abigail M.

"I've had one of Jillian's mini-rexes for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love him! He's very gentle, and curious about everything, but also loves a good cuddle. Pipkin was clean and healthy when I received him, and it was clear he had been very well taken care of. Jillian has also been very helpful in answering my questions as well. I highly recommend getting a rabbit at Beanie's Bunnies!"

Jade E.

"I just wanted to say thank you! Love this little guy so much already. He's doing super well with us. Such a chill little rabbit - healthy and happy. I'll most likely be purchasing another little baby from you in the near future!"

Kayla N.

"Jude gets loads of compliments on his beautiful fur and he is just a joy to have around. I took him to his first vet appointment for an initial checkup last Friday and the veterinarian said he is completely healthy. He is super clear about when he wants food haha. I litter trained him, already and he has been a very clean boy."

Bill D.

"Trixie is a sweetie. She is settling-in well with us and her new bunny friends very well. We are enjoying her company and spending as much time with her as we can."

"She is doing wonderful! So cuddly and sweet! She loves to adventure around the house checking everything out. It's funny to see her try to hop on hardwood floors tho. Lol. Our lab thinks she's a baby! She has been a great addition to the family! Thank you so much!!"

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Thank you to all who have given me feedback! If you have purchased a rabbit from me, please feel free to email me any time with any comments about how your rabbit is doing. I greatly appreacite honest feedback and critique so that I may know how to improve in the future!

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